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Today i met my doctor for my normal routine check up. For those who know me personally, i need to see doctors every 3 to 6 months for follow up treatment which i don’t want to reveal so much about my illness in this blog because i just want to move on with my life with the good things and good memories and the important is sharing my travel experience. Dr D (is the nickname) is one of my favourite doctor which i can not reveal her actual name here. Dr D and i, we share same hobby which is travelling. She is my doctor and also can be considered as my mentor and friend. As a medical doctor, she did very well in her job, deal with her patients emotions and so on..I love everything about her. She is good advisor to me and everytime i met her, our chit chat topic can not run away from travel haha..She was the one who encouraged me to go for travel and for her, she will go travelling for every 3 months with her family to release the stress as a medical doctor. So do i as a strategist in my company. I’ve shared to her today and my statement to her was ‘Doc im now venture to my new interest writing travelogue’ and she responded with ‘Do whatever that you love to do. The illness don’t stop you to do something that you love to do’. It just a simple statement from a doctor to her patient but for me, it turned me to what i am now believe in myself and do what i love to do.

In fact i am very super duper busy at work. My work is stressful sometimes, therefore i need to find my way on how to release my stress and finally i got one other than travelling which is writing. My writing skills in this blog still new and i just started in December 2018. As to date i can see the number of visitors were increased. I feel so happy to see the achievements and satisfied with my blog performance so far. The reader comes from few countries, some maybe who know me in person but some may be intrested with  my writing and i believe they also love travel like me.

I have many friends. But i seldom share my travelling experience. I don’t know why but i only able to share through my facebook and instagram. I shared a lot of pictures than explaining my experiences. I loved to share but i’m worried if people are not listening or they do no have the interest on the topics. Therefore, it comes to my mind that i may need to do my own writing and it does not only can be read to my circle of friends but also to public that have same passion like me which is travel.

Why I love to write and blogging

1. Express feelings and emotions. 

It makes me feel energize and relieve my stress because i can write things that i love and I avoid negatives in my writing. I write it out but i don’t just go blindly in my writing. I’m still planning on what i need to write because we can not write everything without plan.. 

2. Share information

I love to share information with people in my writing and hopefully it can benefits for those who has the same passions with me which is travelling. Now, I write more about my favourite country Japan and i’m planning to write more about my own country Malaysia and my neighbor country Singapore and Indonesia.

3. Improve my writing skills.

I wrote many formal writing at work and its only focus the area that i’m doing. But writing informal like this blog, and sharing my passion based on my personal perspectives, it does not limit to my work but many other things which across into my mind. It helps me a lot as i learn and improve my choice of words, ability to create ideas and etc. 

4. Refine my ideas and thoughts

To start a blog and continue to create and publish will need us to find the inspiration for the words and ideas. The writing must be valuable, helpful and entertaining. Slowly work out on my mind on what i’m going to say in other words, make a plan. A piece of writing, like everything we do it has to be planned.

5. Learn from others

There are 3 ways of getting ideas from my own experience, listening to others and reading. By listening to others and reading other source of information will help me to write more and helps me in finding the information that  i wanted.



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